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Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you... ahhh! These two will get it right someday... we're sure of it.





An oldie but a goodie! Also a very relatable chain of emotion for all of you dog owners out there. 





As a Southerner, it truly warms my heart to know that this kind of hospitality exists so far up north. Dearest Talking Canadian Beaver, I thank you! FAV would gladly welcome you to Little Rock anytime.





WARNING: This will get the Grease soundtrack stuck in your head. But man oh man, these two can dance!





An oldie but a goodie and definitely one of our all-time favorite cat video compilations. Happy Furs-day, everyone! Now get ready for some giggles, a little Van Halen, and a lot of super-duper kittehs.






Y'all... It's important to take a moment to ask your pet some questions and find out what they really think. For instance, what kind of pet would they like to have? What exactly is it that they do at home alone all day? What is it like t...

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