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Meet Calli & Orthis! FAV's DOUBLE FEATURE Dogs of the Week

Calli and Orthis Little Rock Animal Village

Orthis (Pet ID# 33149)
Today we bring you an unprecedented DOUBLE FEATURE for FAV's Dog of the Week! Any border collie fans out there? Meet Calli (Pet ID# 32914) and Orthis (Pet ID# 33149)!

These dogs are both fine examples of the beloved breed. If you don't know much about the border collies, they are truly working dogs. Give them a job and they'll want for nothing in life... except your love of course. =) These two both have wonderful personalities and are both in need of loving, forever homes.

Calli (Pet ID# 32914)

Please contact the Village if you're interested in either Calli or Orthis (or both!): (501) 376-3067. You can also download our Adoption Form and bring with you to LRAV, or e-mail the completed form to:

And of course, you can always go by the Village, open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Tuesday - Saturday, to meet these two cuties or any of our other awesome dogs and cats in need of homes.

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