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Happy Cinco de MEOWo!! FAV's Cats of the Week

Happy Cinco de MEOWo!

Happy Cinco de MEOWo!!

In honor of the holiday, today we have a special tres gatos feature for Cat of the Week!

First up is Shalimar (Pet ID# 34672), a beautiful snowshoe kitty who would love to find a forever home with a lap to call her own.

Next is Melanie (Pet ID# 32398). Melanie is a young kitty who's shy at first but is super sweet once she warms up to you.

Last but not least we have Tabbi, (Pet ID# 34606). Tabbi is a gorgeous kitty who just wants somebody to love.

All three of these girls would make wonderful additions to any home. They are all young cats but even they have a hard time getting adopted sometimes because people gravitate towards the youngest of the kittens at the shelter. It being kitten season, there's no shortage of them! Last week the Little Rock Animal Village took in over seventy animals in just two days. Help us get these three adopted by sharing this post!

If you're interested, come by LRAV [4500 Kramer Street, Little Rock] between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Tuesday - Saturday. Download our Adoption Form and bring with you to LRAV, or e-mail the completed form to: You can also contact the Village for more information: (501) 376-3067.

Meet some of the cuties' LRAV buddies here (also up for adoption)!

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