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Who We Are & What We Do

We just reached 1,800 likes on Facebook! That may not sound like much, but that's double where we were about this time last year. Since we have gained so many new followers, we thought we'd take the opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to our new friends.

We are Friends of the Animal Village, a 501(c)3 organization run by a dedicated group of volunteers, and our mission is to support and promote the Little Rock Animal Village, our city's municipal animal shelter.

The Little Rock Animal Village is the physical location for Little Rock Animal Services, or "Animal Control." The Little Rock Animal Village's operating budget is funded by taxpayer dollars, but essentially only to the extent of paying for utilities and salaries. Things like medical expenses for the animals are expected to be covered by adoption, impound, and licensing fees, as well as fines. However, with adoption fees of just $90 (and discounted fees for rescues) for animals that receive upwards of $200 in medical care, they rely on donations and our fundraising efforts to cover a large portion of their expenses.

We also do fundraising for major additions to the Little Rock Animal Village that will expand their capacity and improve the lives of the animals in their care. Additions like the Rescue Waggin' quarantine area that we procured a $100,000 donation for last year, and Joey's Play Room, which we're currently raising funds for. Both projects are part of a sponsorship program that we launched last year.

In addition to fundraising, our other main focus is promoting the Little Rock Animal Village and the adoptable animals in their care. At more than 4,500 a year, they take in a LOT of animals, and only a small number of those are reclaimed by owners who have lost them. (Click here to learn more about where these animals come from.) That means they have thousands of animals available for adoption throughout the year. We strive to raise awareness about the Village in our community, and make it the first stop for anyone considering adding a pet to their home.

None of this is possible without you, our members. To be considered a member of Friends of the Animal Village, all you have to do is support our mission, whether it be by making a donation, adopting from or fostering for the Animal Village, volunteering, sharing our posts on social media, or simply talking to your friends and family about the Animal Village. To learn more about all the things we do for the Little Rock Animal Village and how you can help, we invite you to peruse our 2014 Annual Report and our website.

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