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Clover goes to Colorado...

Friends, we need your help! This is Clover, and he’s a very good boy. Clover came to the Little Rock Animal Village with a broken leg and broken spirit, but thanks to the volunteer pictured here that is not where his story will end. Shelley has spent a lot of time with Clover, giving him the love he deserves for possibly the first time in his life. She found a rescue in Colorado (Underdogs Animal Rescue) who would take him and a local foster who could care for him after the surgery he needed to remove his leg, until he can be transported to Colorado next month. Earlier this week his broken leg was amputated and he was neutered by the veterinarian on staff at the Animal Village, and he’s now healing in the comfort of a foster home and growing stronger by the day. None of this would have happened without Shelley and without the willingness of the staff at the Little Rock Animal Village to try to help him. Many shelters would have euthanized Clover immediately because of the expense it would take to help him or even just because they don’t have a full-time vet on their staff like the Little Rock Animal Village does. We are very fortunate as a city to have a veterinarian on staff full-time at our city animal shelter, and we’re doubly fortunate that it is Dr. Brian Vandergrift, a skilled surgeon and a man who truly cares for each animal he encounters. Wondering how you can help? We need help covering Clover’s expenses! About $120 is what is spent on a dog at the Village to care for, vaccinate, and sterilize them, and otherwise get them ready for transport. Throw an extra surgery on top and you’re talking hundreds of dollars, and they’ll receive just $50 from the rescue as the standard fee for a rescue pull. Clover is on his way to health and freedom and nothing will stop that now, but we need your donations to help cover his costs so that we can continue to help dogs like Clover. There are always more Clovers. Please consider donating today in honor of him, and help us help more Little Rock animals like him. Donate now!

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