The Little Rock Animal Village is currently closed to the public as part of the city's efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. Click here to learn more.

About LRAV


Little Rock Animal Village

4500 Kramer Street
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 376-3067

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About the Village

The Little Rock Animal Village (LRAV) encompasses and houses Little Rock Animal Services. However, the Village is more than Animal Services, and it’s much more than your average shelter. They have a learning center for volunteers with regularly scheduled classes to promote animal welfare and public safety. In addition, LRAV has a fully staffed veterinary clinic that cares for the thousands of animals that they take in every year. The Village is a beautiful adoption center, with five large play yards for dogs, and an army of dedicated staff and volunteers.


Friends of the Animal Village is not an animal shelter. We are a separate, volunteer-run organization that provides supplemental support to the Little Rock Animal Village.

For questions about animals at the shelter, adoption, fostering, or stray animals, please call the Animal Village at (501) 376-3067, or pay them a visit at 4500 Kramer Street, Little Rock, AR 72204.

LRAV's Mission

Construction of the Village, its programs, promotions, and events were all put in place to serve the purposes of increasing adoptions of healthy well-adjusted animals and creating better lives for the animals in our community, all while promoting public safety. The Village boasts an incredible army of dedicated staff, volunteers, and fosters who share a common goal of saving animals’ lives and facilitating as many adoptions as is humanly possible. We constantly look for ways to improve and to build awareness about LRAV. Click here for more information about Little Rock Animal Services.



Hours Of Operation

Little Rock Animal Village's business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The facility is located at 4500 Kramer Street in Little Rock. View map>>



Adoption Procedures

Looking to add another member to the family? Check out the Adoptable Animals and LRAV's Adoption Procedures




There are many different volunteer opportunities at the Little Rock Animal Village—take a look and see how you can help!



Wish List

Caring for the animals at the Village requires a lot of supplies. If you'd like to donate pet supplies to the Village, check out their lists of items always welcome for the cats and dogs in their care.



LRAV Photo Gallery  (click to enlarge)
Little Rock's Employee of the Year

Little Rock's Employee of the Year

In May 2014, Tracy Roark—director of the Little Rock Animal Village—received the "Employee of the Year" award from the City of Little Rock. If that doesn't speak volumes about LRAV, we don't know what will!

Vet Tech Volunteers

Vet Tech Volunteers

Students from Heritage College (Little Rock Veterinary Technician School) at the Village checking weights, prepping for surgery, doing heartworm checks & fecal floats, and general health checks. Your help allows LRAV to do so much more for the animals!

It's Rescue Waggin' Day!

It's Rescue Waggin' Day!

Thanks to our partnership with PetSmart Charities, we're able to send numerous dogs to areas that have a high adoption demand.

Volunteers Hangin' with New Friends

Volunteers Hangin' with New Friends

A couple of LRAV volunteers hanging out in the lobby with two handsome, adoptable Rottweilers. Volunteering at the Village is a very cuddly way to dedicate your time!

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

People waiting in line outside the Village to adopt dogs and cats. Now this is what we want to see every morning!

Adoption Fairy Tails

Adoption Fairy Tails

In May 2013, this great family adopted a heart worm-positive dog with patches of missing hair. A year later, they made plans to bring him back to see us. It's amazing what love can do for pups like this one. These folks looked past all of the problems and found their perfect family dog. We are very proud to show this one off!

Presentation to the City Board

Presentation to the City Board

On August 1, 2014, FAV, alongside LRAV director Tracy Roark, presented a $10K check in front of the Little Rock City Board of Directors. The money all went towards the construction of Joey's Play Room.

LRAV's Little Helpers

LRAV's Little Helpers

Village staff and volunteers embraced the holiday spirit as they manned the Mobile Adoption Unit at Light Up the Night in Honor of Jennings Osborne (Dec. 2013).


Mailing Address:

7401 Colonel Glenn Rd., #4026

Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

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