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2018 lrav collage2.jpg


for Everyone!

A Big Decision...

and a Big Goal!

On January 15, 2019 Friends of the Animal Village made a big decision...we would commit to raising an extra $10,000 a year so that the Little Rock Animal Village could microchip every pet adopted from them, at no cost to the adopter. Until today, cats and pitties came microchipped but adopters had to pay an additional $15 to have a dog microchipped. This is a big commitment, but one we are THRILLED to take on. Every pet that leaves the shelter will now be microchipped, meaning that as long as their family registers their chip, they won't ever have an extended stay at a shelter again. We are counting on YOU to help us make this happen! Please consider donating towards this project. $5 will pay for one microchip.

Our mission is to provide supplemental financial and promotional support to the Little Rock Animal Village through fundraising events, donations and marketing efforts. Through these efforts, our ultimate goal is to raise awareness, increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia at the Little Rock Animal Village. Allowing the Animal Village to microchip every animal adopted from them is one more step towards that goal.

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