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Contact the

Little Rock Animal Village

Inquiries About Animals

4500 Kramer Street
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 376-3067

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 5pm

If you have lost a pet - While the Village is closed to the public due to COVID-19, to search for a lost pet at the Little Rock Animal Village you will need to email LRAV and include the following details:

  • description of your pet

  • where they went missing from

  • when they went missing

  • owner's name

  • owner's phone number

  • photo of the pet

You may wish to follow up with a phone call if you don't hear back about your lost pet within 24 hours. We recommend also checking Arkansas Lost & Found Pet Network and, and submitting them as lost in both places if you do not see a found post for them. Be sure to continue checking for a found post as the finder of your pet may submit a found report without looking for a lost report first.

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If you need immediate assistance, please call 501-376-3067. If LRAV is closed and you have an emergency which requires an animal control officer (ACO), you can call the Little Rock Police Department at 501-371-4829 and they can have an on-call ACO dispatched.

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