Important Note:

Not every animal that is available for adoption from the Little Rock Animal Village is posted online. For example, puppies and kittens are rarely listed because they get adopted so quickly, but the Village always has them! Also, the staff at LRAV stay VERY busy and uploading pictures to Petfinder is a fairly low priority compared to their other responsibilities to the animals in their care. So there are always a lot more animals at LRAV in need of homes than you see listed here.


Please be advised that Petfinder only updates once a day overnight, so some of the pets you see here may no longer be available. You can call the Little Rock Animal Village at 501-376-3067 to confirm their status.

If you are looking for a lost pet, we strongly encourage you to visit the Animal Village in person to look for them. Pets are only posted online once they are available for adoption, which occurs after their seven day "stray hold" has ended. And again, not all pets currently at LRAV are listed.