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Our sponsors will receive the following benefits:
  • Naming rights with their name and / or logo on permanent signage or plaque

  • Press release to local media thanking the sponsor

  • Sponsor's name and / or logo posted on FAV's website & Facebook

  • When applicable, and with LRAV Director's approval, FAV will arrange for on-site ribbon cutting and media coverage



Sponsorship Opportunities


Village Dog Park

  • Pet Waste Receptacles, Purchase & Naming Rights:  $500 ea

  • Benches, Purchase & Naming Rights:  $1,000 ea

  • Water Fountain (Human/Canine), Purchase & Naming Rights:  $5,000

  • Dog Bath Area, Construction & Naming Rights:  $10,000

  • Front Yard Dog Play Equipment, Construction & Naming Rights:  $10,000

  • Pavilion, Construction & Naming Rights:  $30,000

  • Splash Pad, Construction & Naming Rights:  $75,000

  • Dog Park Sponsor, Naming rights of entire park & signage:  $50,000


Existing Structures

  • Dog Kennel: One Kennel Naming Rights:  $1,000

  • Cat Kennel: One Kennel, Naming Rights:  $1,000

  • Cat Kennels Room: Front Adoption Area, Naming Rights:  $10,000

  • Dog Kennels Room: Front Adoption Row, Naming Rights:  $50,000

  • Interactive Corridor: Lobby Hall Area, Naming Rights:  $200,000

  • Veterinary Clinic, Naming Rights:  $150,000

  • Education Room: Front Meeting Room, Naming Rights:  $80,000


New Structures (to be constructed)

  • Cat Play Room (Indoor/Outdoor Addition), Construction & Naming Rights: $100,000  -  Sponsored!

  • Quarantine Area (Addition), Construction & Naming Rights  -  Sponsored!


Adoption & Care Programs

  • New Mobile Adoption Unit, Purchase & Naming Rights:  $300,000


"Donation Tree"

This is a large wall mural we'd like to purchase for installation in the Village lobby. Pricing includes custom engraving of your choice. Proceeds go to the Animal Village.

  • Tree Sponsor:  $5,000

  • Leaf:  $250 ea

  • Rock:  $1,000 ea


To request more information about sponsorships, please send an e-mail to:

Sponsorship Program

When planning your charitable giving this year, please consider becoming a sponsor of the Little Rock Animal Village (LRAV). FAV’s Sponsorship Program is a great way for organizations and individuals to assist in supporting our city’s shelter and caring for our animal citizens.


​Why Sponsor?

Little Rock Animal Village (LRAV) is the city’s only municipal animal shelter. Because it is a city shelter, no animal can ever be turned away. They all must be housed and cared for by the Village's dedicated staff and volunteers. Sponsorships provide many ways to assist them.


LRAV is funded primarily by your tax dollars, allowing the City of Little Rock to provide a modern, clean, and efficient facility with a trained and caring staff. However, this funding only covers the most essential and basic needs. More funding is needed to serve a growing animal population. Supporters and donors of FAV help to enhance and strengthen LRAV's capacity in a variety of ways. Without this support, the Village may struggle to keep pace with the city's growing need. As a sponsor, your donation will help LRAV with expansion, providing essential care, increasing adoptions, and enhancing quality of life for the animals.

Help give a loving animal a new life,



To request more information about sponsorships, please send an e-mail to:

FAV Sponsorship Program
FAV Sponsorship Program
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