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Introducing Boss and Bommer, Dogs of the Week!

This week we have a very special pair of dogs to introduce as our adoptable Dogs of the Week. Meet Bommer and Boss, twins who found themselves at the Little Rock Animal Village when their owners moved and couldn't take them with them. Bommer and Boss are significantly overweight even though they are only two years old, but after just a week at the Animal Village they've already shed some of those extra lbs. Daily exercise and a proper diet will have them back in shape in no time at all, but what it can't do is rid them of their heartworms. Yes, Bommer and Boss are sadly both heartworm positive. Luckily for them, they're at the Animal Village so they'll be able to receive treatment thanks to our Heartworm Fund. All they need now is a forever home with a family who will love them and take good care of them. These boys are super sweet and friendly and would make great family pets. For more info about them, go by the Little Rock Animal a village and meet them. The Village is open Tues-Sat 8-5 and is located at 4500 Kramer Street.

As of today 57 dogs have been treated for

heartworms and adopted thanks to your donations to our Heartworm Fund, and that number will soon grow to 59 with the addition of Boss and Bommer. It costs us approximately $300 to treat one dog for heartworms. Donate to the Heartworm Fund today and help us save dogs like Boss and Bommer.

April is Heartworm awareness month. It is very inexpensive to prevent heartworms with monthly preventative medicine, but very expensive to treat a dog for heartworms once they're infected. Heartworm prevention is something to be taken seriously. Protect your pet's heart by giving them a monthly heartworm preventative.


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