Free to Good Home!

When Friends of the Animal Village sponsors adoption fees at the Little Rock Animal Village so that adoptions are free or reduced price, we always hear criticism from folks who worry that people with bad intentions or people who can’t actually afford a pet will adopt. We understand those concerns, and they are concerns that are always in the back of my mind personally.

When it comes to fears about who adopts pets during these events, please know that while the adoption fee may be waived, the rest of their adoption application process at LRAV isn’t. Adopting out pets as a municipal shelter like the Animal Village is a little different than rehoming one yourself. People who intend to harm an animal aren’t going to provide a copy of their driver’s license and an entire page of personal information to the law enforcement agency charged with protecting those animals (LRAV is the home of Little Rock Animal Services aka Animal Control) just to get one for free, when they can go on Facebook any day of the week and find dozens of animals being rehomed for free with little to no questions asked, like the examples shown in the gallery below. There are dozens of groups like those on Facebook so it took me no time at all to find these. When there are those other sources out there for free animals, someone who has bad intentions isn't going to get a friend or relative to go through an adoption process like LRAV's for them either. Why go to all that trouble when they don't have to?

The adoption application process at LRAV is even m