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Rent a Kitten...for free!

Kitten season is here! The Little Rock Animal Village is currently overwhelmed with new litters of kittens coming in every day, most of them too young to be adopted just yet.

Do you love adorable baby animals but just can't make a 10+ year commitment to a pet right now? We have a solution for you! Borrow some from the Village! Can you share a corner of your heart and your home for a few weeks?

We need fosters...

We need fosters to care for kittens until they are old enough to be sterilized and adopted. This is a short-term commitment that ranges anywhere from a few days to eight weeks. Training and 24/7 support is provided.

Questions about fostering cats and kittens? Check out our handy FAQs Sheet! If your question is not addressed there, please don't hesitate to contact us at 501-725-0250 or by sending us an email.

You must live in the city of Little Rock to foster kittens for the Animal Village.

Learn more about fostering kittens here.

Sign up to foster kittens to start saving lives:

Here are what a few of our fosters had to say about fostering kittens for the Little Rock Animal Village:

"I've been fostering kittens for three years and it's one of my favorite things to do. Watching them grow into happy, healthy, affectionate, playful kittens and knowing they will be able to get a good home partially because of the care I have given them is an awesome feeling ." —D.H.

"It teaches my girls responsibility and love for animals. It is a magical way to give back." —A.K.

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