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It's Prime Day! Here are great deals on pet products!

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of tons of deals on Amazon July 11th and 12th for Amazon Prime Day! Below are some pet-related products we found awesome deals on.

As an Amazon Associate we may receive a commission if you make a purchase through one of our provided links. The money we receive through this program will go towards buying needed supplies for LRAV like kitten food and new kennels! All Prime Day Deals:

Pet-related Prime Day deals Automatic Feeders and Fountains, some under $50!:

A 3-pack of Pet Cameras for only $75! Or a two-pack for just $40. (one of our volunteers has this kind and says they’re great!)

These hammocks are a real upholstery saver for the car! Save 10% now:

Here’s a brand we wholeheartedly recommend and support: BISSELL! Bissell’s cleaning products are foster approved and highly recommended. If you have pets, Bissell is the brand to go with! Did you know Bissell has a nonprofit called Bissell Pet Foundation? They are doing an unbelievable amount of real, boots on the ground work to save dogs from overwhelmed animal shelters like the Animal Village. Check out the foundation on Facebook to see all the ways they’re helping save pets like yours! There are Prime Day deals on several Bissell products today:

Put an air tag on your pet’s collar as an extra insurance policy in case they’re ever lost. Whenever they’re in Bluetooth range of someone with an iPhone, it will update their location in your “Find My” app!

Apple air tag loop

Apple air tag cases

Check out this awesome waterproof backseat cover for 21% off! This one is great for pets AND kids because the front panel unzips to allow you to still use the seat as a human, and the armrest panel zips down to allow access to seat belt buckles:

Keep your dog's teeth healthy with some dental chews, on sale for $23.19

Slow feeders are great for pets who tend to inhale their food. They make meal time more satisfying by providing extra challenge and stimulation, and help prevent issues that can arise from eating too quickly! Save 61% on this one:

Treat puzzles are a great way to provide some mental exercise for high energy pets. They can really be a lifesaver when it's too hot out for much outdoor playtime! This one is on sale for $10 off!

Another great stimulating toy from Outward Hound, on sale for under $14!

Check out more Outward Hound toys on sale for Prime Day:

Get 25% off a play pen for puppies, kittens, small dogs, and more!

Save a whopping $73 on an Embark DNA test for your dog! Finally answer the question... "what ARE you?"

Save 20% on this combo cat tunnel and bed:

The perfect solution for these hot summer days...a dog splash pad!! (also fun for humans) Save 32% now:

Of course LRAV always needs items from Amazon also. Check out our Amazon Wish List where you can purchase needed supplies and have them sent directly to the Little Rock Animal Village:

Amazon Brand Pet Deals:


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