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Survivor Story: Pinkerton

This is the difference your donations make. Sweet little Pinkerton came to the Little Rock Animal Village as a stray on August 28th in terrible shape. Below is his intake picture from that fateful day. For this little dog, that day turned out to be the best day of his life because he was brought to the Little Rock Animal Village. He was in pretty sad shape, but August 28th marked the beginning of a whole new wonderful existence for Pinky. He received outstanding care at the Village—just like every other animal that's brought there—and even as sick as he was, Dr. Bryan and the LRAV staff never gave up on him. They saw something special in little Pinky, and he became their "special project" wh

Texts from Mittens, Thanksgiving edition

Brought to you by our friends at Catster.com. Ah, the Thanksgiving season has arrived, and Mittens is busy thinking about everything he's thankful for this year. He certainly has a lot of gratitude going on, but things could be so much better if the dog would just go away and Mom would buy him that fancy cat tree he's had his eye on. And the crazy neighbor, Drunk Patty? She's eating stuffing right out of the box and plans on bringing her competitive-eater boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. Mittens is certain he'll be left with no scraps. Mitty just can't seem to dodge the drama. Here are a few concerns that vex our pal Mitty this Thanksgiving season.

Home for the Holidays

Foster a homeless animal in need this holiday season! Dogs and cats may not know what Christmas is exactly, but they do feel the undeniable warmth and love of a real home. Even a short-term vacation from the shelter enriches their lives beyond belief and has proven to make them better candidates for adoption. Fostering a homeless cat or dog has obvious benefits for the animal, but there are countless benefits for the foster family as well! For one, this is a no-strings-attached chance to enjoy a pet without long-term commitment. Home for the Holidays is not an open-ended foster commitment; we are simply asking that you give a shelter animal the gift of a loving home over the holidays. If you

Recipe of the Week :: Blue Blue Berry Berry Bun Buns

This recipe is worth trying out for the smell alone! Keep in mind, these weekly recipes are not only all natural, but they are perfect bites for you and the dog in your life to share (just use separate bowls!). Ingredients checklist: 1 cup skim milk 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/3 cup honey 1 egg 2 1/3 cups white flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries Everything ready to go? Fantastic! You're now six easy steps away from blueberry bun heaven. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In mixing bowl, combine milk, oil, and honey. Add egg and blend well. Combine flour and baking powder in a separate bowl and add to wet ingredients. Stir together thoroughly. Add vanilla an

Meet Jenny! FAV's Dog of the Week

Introducing the adorable Jenny (Pet ID# 32549), FAV's Dog of the Week! Jenny is an eight year-old minpin / chihuahua mix who was brought to the Little Rock Animal Village as a stray. Her sweet personality has quickly made her a staff favorite and, even though they'd miss seeing her every day, they hope someone will come adopt this little munchkin soon. Please contact the Village if you're interested: (501) 376-3067. You can also download our Adoption Form and bring with you to LRAV, or e-mail the completed form to: HLunders@LittleRock.org. And of course, you can always go by the Village, open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday - Saturday, to meet Jenny or any of our other awesome dogs and cats in nee

Meet Toby! FAV's Cat of the Week

Gorgeous senior cat Toby (pet id# 33000) is FAV's Cat of the Week! All Toby wants for Christmas is a forever home where he'll be loved like he's used to. Toby's mom is elderly and had to move to a nursing home. Her son took him in and, although Toby does get along with other cats and dogs, there was one cat in their household that he did not get along with, so he was surrendered to the Little Rock Animal Village. Toby is nine years old, and would be a perfect cat for an older person who's looking for some company. We invite you to come by the Animal Village, open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday - Saturday, to meet sweet Toby. If you're interested, please contact the Village: (501) 376-3067. You ca

FAV's Top 10 Pet Names This Season

What's in a name? Let's find out! Here are FAV's top 10 pet names for this season.... as well as what they say about your new furry companion. 1. Anubis: He’s dark-furred and has wise eyes. This is a friend for the ages. 2. Grey: You can go with or against the literal sense here. Regardless, this pet is unique and lovely above most others. 3. Palo: He’s fun, he’s friendly, he’s everyone’s favorite. Palo is a party animal through and through. 4. Zelda: Named for Fitzgerald or Nintendo? She’s an aesthetic and whimsical pet all the same. 5. Jello: This bright furball has a wiggle all its own... Not to mention a certain palate for treats and leftovers. 6. (Bruce) Willis: Connotation re

Meet Link! FAV's Dog of the Week

Ladies and Gents, meet Link [ID# 32922]! Link is a big, friendly boy who's in the market for a forever home. This handsome yellow lab is everyone's buddy, and there's lots of him to love on. Link has that wonderful lab personality that everyone is so fond of, and his expressions keep you wondering if he can, in fact, speak perfect english. Link can play with the best of them, but he is also totally cool with just relaxing by your side—a very "go with the flow" personality type. Go by the Little Rock Animal Village and meet Link... you may just find a new best friend. Please contact the Village if you're interested: (501) 376-3067. You can also download our Adoption Form and bring with you to

Meet Charity! FAV's Cat of the Week

Introducing... the purr-fectly adorable Charity (ID# 32872)! Charity is a cuddly, snuggly kitty who's patiently waiting at the Little Rock Animal Village for a furr-ever home to call her own. Charity is very friendly and instantly loves everyone she meets. And with those big eyes of hers, it's impossible not to love her right back. This girl's favorite pastimes include moth-hunting and napping. Go by the Little Rock Animal Village to meet Charity, as well as her feline friends currently in the care of LRAV. Please contact the Village if you're interested: (501) 376-3067. You can also download our Adoption Form and bring with you to LRAV, or e-mail the completed form to: HLunders@LittleRock.o

Scenes From Our 2014 Doggie Paddle Day!

This year's Doggie Paddle day was a huge success! On Sunday, November 2nd, FAV presented its 3rd Annual Doggie Paddle Day event at the Jim Dailey Fitness & Aquatic Center in Little Rock. We featured a Dog Launch competition, presented an honorary plaque to LRAV director Tracy Roark, as well as presented him with a $10,000 check to go towards the construction of Joey's Play Room. Not to mention, over 35 dogs were microchipped at the event thanks to help from our friends at All About Labs. We're happy to annouce that we raised a grand total of $1,474 for the Little Rock Animal Village. Check out these awesome shots from the big day!

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month! You might have noticed that all of the pets that Friends of the Animal Village features on Facebook and Instagram are adults. There’s a reason for that - they need the most help getting adopted! Puppies and kittens have it easy…they usually aren’t at the Little Rock Animal Village for very long before they’re adopted, because that’s just what the majority of adopters want. In the meantime adult pets, especially seniors, can sit at the Village for weeks, even months, waiting for the day that someone will adopt them and take them to their forever home. Sometimes that day never comes… Anyone who has adopted or fostered or otherwise taken in an adult dog or

Small Hands—Big Heart: Casey's Story

A few months ago on one of those cold winter mornings, I received an e-mail that instantly warmed my heart and has quickly become one of my all-time favorites! The message was from, I soon learned, an extraordinary little girl with a true passion for animals. Her name was Casey Chandler, and she informed me that she was seven years old, had adopted two cats from the Little Rock Animal Village—Copper and Heart—and that she absolutely loves animals. Casey went on to tell me that she had already donated $100 of her own money to the Village to help the animals there, and that she not only had plans to raise additional funds by hosting a Hot Cocoa Stand, but that she was also going to design and

Recipe of the Week :: Cheesy Apple Nips

It doesn't get much easier or more delicious than this, folks! Keep in mind, these weekly recipes are not only all natural, but they are perfect bites for you and the dog in your life to share (just use separate bowls!). Here are the ingredients you'll need to make a batch of yummy Cheesy Apple Nips for your fur baby: 3 ounces low fat cream cheese 2 ounces blue cheese 4 medium apples Once you have these three simple supplies, it's time to rock 'n' roll! Beat cream cheese and blue cheese together until smooth. Core apples and fill with cheese mixture. Chill for 2 to 3 hours. Cut into wedges to serve. (Store in sealed container in the refrigerator.) A big thanks to Three Dog Bakery for this re

Dear Kitten :: Our New Favorite Video

We are in love with this Friskies ad campaign! Not only is it adorable and funny, but it promotes a multi-pet household. Perhaps this will inspire you to come by the Village and adopt a Dear Kitten of your very own!

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