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FAV's Top 10 Pet Names This Season

What's in a name?

Let's find out! Here are FAV's top 10 pet names for this season.... as well as what they say about your new furry companion.


1. Anubis: He’s dark-furred and has wise eyes. This is a friend for the ages.

2. Grey: You can go with or against the literal sense here. Regardless, this pet is unique and lovely above most others.

3. Palo: He’s fun, he’s friendly, he’s everyone’s favorite. Palo is a party animal through and through.

4. Zelda: Named for Fitzgerald or Nintendo? She’s an aesthetic and whimsical pet all the same.

Vintage Jello Ad.jpg

5. Jello: This bright furball has a wiggle all its own... Not to mention a certain palate for treats and leftovers.

6. (Bruce) Willis: Connotation remains at your discretion but, whichever character you choose, just know that he’s keeping a watchful eye on you (or possibly the food bowl you’re blocking).

7. Seven: Channel your inner Costanza and give your pet the best tribute name of all time.

Shakespeare cat_Othello_by Susan Herbert.jpg

8. Othello: His eyes say serious but, whip out the ole laser pointer or tennis ball and this animal has some stage-worthy moves to show off.

9. Franklin: This babe is always ready to snuggle, especially if a good book or a Netflix binge is on the agenda.

10. Zuzu: She’s cute and she's sweet as can be—this girl melts hearts left and right and reminds you every day what a Wonderful Life you two have together.

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