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Magic continues to happen at LRAV

The Little Rock Animal Village remains closed to the public until further notice as part of the city's efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19. As of right now we do not know when they might be able to start reopening.

The staff members of LRAV have been working their tails (pun intended) off in split shifts to help minimize exposure and they have been doing a stellar job, especially considering they are operating at half their normal staff level and without the assistance of volunteers! Shortly before the closure they started using play groups to provide extra exercise and socialization to the dogs, which they also use to assess personalities and behavior. They have managed to continue this throughout the closure so that just about every dog gets recess every day. It's great for the dogs, and the insights they gain from these play groups have been invaluable now that they are doing VIRTUAL ADOPTIONS!

As part of the social distancing measures that LRAV has implemented, right now adopters cannot meet their new pet until they pick them up, so they have to depend solely on their online bios and information they can learn over the phone from staff when choosing a new pet. We have been delighted at the number of people who have adopted this way, 187 in the first two months!!Magic continues to happen daily at the Little Rock Animal Village, and you are a big part of that. One of the biggest things you can do right now to help animals at LRAV aside from donating is SPREAD THE WORD. Share pictures from petfinder on social media, and recommend LRAV to people who say they are thinking about getting a new pet. Those two simple little things can so easily result in an adoption.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how things went at the Animal Village in the first two months following the COVID-19 closure.

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