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Heroes Wanted!

June 22, 2022

The Little Rock Animal Village is in desperate need of fosters. Intake numbers are at all time highs and adoption numbers (which were already low, they've never been as high as intake at LRAV) are dropping. We have rescues ready and willing to help by pulling animals, but we need foster homes for them to go to!!

Fostering is essentially just babysitting. If you can dogsit or catsit for a friend, you can foster!

Everything you need is provided. Your only job as a foster is to keep them safe and happy, and maybe get a few great pics of them while you have them. You may occasionally have to take them to the vet or back to the shelter for shots, medication, etc. but the only cost to you will be your time spent chauffeuring.

Foster homes are needed for both kittens and dogs.

The Little Rock Animal Village takes in hundreds of young kittens a year who have already weaned, but won't be big enough to be sterilized (and thus adopted out) for several weeks. That's where our Kitten Foster Army comes in. Foster homes are absolutely crucial for kittens until they reach about the 8 week mark, at which point they are usually big enough to be adopted out. Not only do foster homes help free up absolutely needed space at the shelter while your foster babes grow big and strong, but they also help keep them healthy at a crucial and particularly vulnerable point in their development. Check out our Q&As for Feline Fosters.

For dogs, we have rescues who both adopt locally and transport out of state who are willing and able to "pull" dogs from LRAV, they just need foster homes to put them in. For heartworm negative dogs, the time committment is typically 3-6 weeks. For a heartworm positive dog that is being transported, they must complete treatment before they can be transported, which typically takes three months. We also occasionally have fosters who are going out of town and need someone to babysit their foster, so you can "subfoster" as well, and those time committments range from 2 days to a few weeks.

If you're interested in saving a dog or kitten from LRAV by fostering but you have more questions, or you just aren't sure about whether fostering is right for you, just give us a call at 501-725-0250 and talk to Betsy.

Betsy is an experienced foster who's helped many figure out if they should foster (the answer isn't always yes!), and she is always happy to answer any questions. Fostering isn't for everyone, and that's ok!

We have to warn you though...

saving lives this way is addicting.

Click here to learn more about fostering

for the Little Rock Animal Village


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