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Survivor Story: Pinkerton

This is the difference your donations make. Sweet little Pinkerton came to the Little Rock Animal Village as a stray on August 28th in terrible shape. Below is his intake picture from that fateful day.

For this little dog, that day turned out to be the best day of his life because he was brought to the Little Rock Animal Village. He was in pretty sad shape, but August 28th marked the beginning of a whole new wonderful existence for Pinky. He received outstanding care at the Village—just like every other animal that's brought there—and even as sick as he was, Dr. Bryan and the LRAV staff never gave up on him. They saw something special in little Pinky, and he became their "special project" who lived in the vet clinic at the Village. Battling demodectic mange and seborrhea, it took weeks of treatment and tender loving care but, as you can see from his "after" picture, Pinkerton's body was healed and his adorable self was revealed after time.

Pinkerton has since been adopted by a wonderful family who loves him very much, and who can't imagine their lives now without him in it. His personality has continued to blossom in their care, and we're so thankful to them for providing such a good home for this pint-sized trooper... the kind of home he has always deserved.

The cost of the medical care that was required to heal Pinky far exceeded what a $90 adoption fee could ever hope to cover. That's why your donations are so crucial. There are always more animals like little Pinkerton that need your help. Please consider making a donation today, and help us help Little Rock animals like Pinkerton.

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