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Microchip your cat on April 7th!

Here’s a mind blowing statistic for you...out of the 177 cats that have been brought in to the Little Rock Animal Village so far this year, guess how many have been reclaimed by their owners... One. One very happy cat has been reclaimed by their very relieved family so far this year, and it’s March 22nd. If any of the other 176 cats had been microchipped (and their owner’s contact info up to date on the microchip registration) they could have been reunited too. We know not all of those kitties were ownerless strays. Did you know that in Little Rock outdoor cats are actually required to be microchipped? They sure are, and with good reason if the statistic above is any indication. Microchips help ensure that you can be reunited with your cat if they ever end up at an animal shelter like the Little Rock Animal Village, where they’ll be scanned for one upon intake. On April 7th you can have your pet microchipped for just $15 by Shackleford Road Veterinary Clinic at Bass Pro Shops, and if you have a kitty that isn’t microchipped yet we encourage you to come out and get it done! It’s quick and relatively painless. We just ask that you have your cat in a carrier, or on a leash if they tolerate that kind of thing. Check out the event page to learn more and RSVP to be reminded by Facebook about the event: 

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