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Thank you for the mess!

For several years we have been raising money with the help of THV and supporters like Wren Law Firm and YOU, and now it is finally happening... Construction has begun on Joey’s Play Room at the Little Rock Animal Village! 

It is named in honor of THV Channel 11's Joey the Garden Cat. Joey had been campaigning via his Facebook page to raise the money needed for this room until he tragically passed away on August 29, 2014. And now, his spirit and goodwill live on as THV 11, along with Friends of the Animal Village, continues to campaign in his memory. Once built, "Joey's Play Room" will give cats at the Animal Village an interactive place to get exercise and play. The main goal of this addition is to offer felines at LRAV a more active lifestyle. However, it will ultimately have a greater impact than simply that. Potential owners will be able to look into the play room and observe how each animal interacts with others, as well as gauge each individual feline's energy level and unique personality traits. Because of this, Joey's Play Room will be a formidable way to help folks determine which cat is their best fit for adoption. 

We are so excited about this addition, which will help thousands of cats. None of this would be possible without the hundreds of supporters like you who have donated to this campaign. Thank you for making this happen for the cats of Little Rock!

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