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15 Beautiful Quotes About Animals

As every animal lover knows, our pets have an undeniable effect on our quality of life because the bond between a pet and his or her human is one of unconditional love. Here are fifteen quotes from folks who share this sentiment. Enjoy!

Animal Quote_Colette.jpg
Animal Quote_Jean Cocteau.jpg
Animal Quotes_Anatol France.jpg
Animal Quote_Orhan Pamuk.png
Animal Quote_Martin Buber.jpg
Animal Quotes_Abraham Lincoln.jpg
Animal Quote_Charles Dickens.jpg
Animal Quote_Paul McCartney.png
Animal Quote_Milan Kundera.png
Animal Quote_Mark Twain.jpg
Animal Quotes_Dean Koontz.jpg
Animal Quote_John Grogan.jpg
Animal Quote_James Herriot.jpg
Animal Quote_Robert Wagner.jpg
Animal Quote_John Muir.jpg

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