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Paws in Prison

Recently a video ( has been making the rounds on the Internet about a dog training program in Colorado that pairs shelter dogs with prison inmates, who care for and train the dogs in order to prepare them for forever homes. Did you know Arkansas has a program just like that one? It's called Paws in Prison, and it's currently in over a dozen prisons across the state. There's a video by KATV anchor Janelle Lilley about Paws in Prison below.

Created in 2011 by Last Chance Arkansas in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Paws in Prison has changed the lives of hundreds of shelter dogs from across the state. Many of the Paws in Prison dogs have come from our very own Little Rock Animal Village! For example, former LRAV adoptable Watson is a recent graduate of the Paws in Prison program who came from the Little Rock Animal Village and now lives the good life in a wonderful forever home.

Last week Paws in Prison's canine ambassador, Chloe, visited the State Capitol to raise awareness about the program. Click here to read the story.

Click below to watch the video about Paws in Prison:

To see the graduates of Paws in Prison who are available for adoption, click here.

Paws in Prison Facebook page:

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