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Arkansas's First Cat Café at LRAV

Cat Cafés, which have been a longstanding and popular tradition in Europe, are beginning to pop up in the United States. Beginning this week on Thursday, May 7, Arkansas welcomes its very first Cat Café—now a part of the Little Rock Animal Village's (LRAV) bi-monthly Cats' Night Out.

On the first and third Thursday of each month, the public is invited to LRAV from 5:00 - 7:00 PM to enjoy free coffee and pastries, courtesy of Mylo Coffee Co., sponsor of the LRAV Cat Café. Guests will also be able to mingle with adoptable felines, who will be roaming freely for the evening. Because LRAV waives adoption fees for adult cats during Cats' Night Out, this popular series has long been billed as "the cutest happy hour in town."

The Cat Café twist on Cats' Night Out was organized by Friends of the Animal Village (FAV). FAV Board Member Betsy Robb believes that transforming Cats' Night Out into a cat café was a no-brainer. "I found myself wishing one night that Little Rock had a cat café, when I realized that we already had Cats' Night Out, where the cats roam as they please. The cats and visitors tend to spend a lot of time in the education room where there are tables and chairs, so all we needed to add was coffee!"

LRAV's Cat Café is getting media attention, and we're so very proud to be the first organization to adopt this popular, fun, and super-cute tradition in Arkansas!

For more information, send us an e-mail at

And don't forget to follow FAV on or Instagram @FAVLR to keep up with our animal rescue efforts and community fun-times!

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