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Meet Diadoito! FAV's Dog of the Week

Meet Diadoito the Border Collie!

This beautiful border collie is our Dog of the Week! Diadoito (Pet ID# 35202) is an adult male who, true to the Border Collie breed, is full of energy and drive. Border collies are working dogs who need jobs to be happy. Just ask John D Waugh, the famous search and rescue dog!

Once homeless, John D was adopted from the Little Rock Animal Village and trained by his mom to be a search and rescue dog. He has helped locate the victims of numerous natural disasters and has even been training to detect cancer through scent! Learn more about John D here and here.

Diadoito needs a home just like John D did so many years ago. He would LOVE to live on a farm, but as long as he gets enough exercise, he'd be happy with any family.

Please contact the Village if you're interested in Diadoito : (501) 376-3067.

You can also download our Adoption Form and bring with you to LRAV, or e-mail the completed form to:

And of course, you can always go by the Village, open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Tuesday - Saturday to meet Diadoito face-to-face or to meet our other awesome dogs and cats in need of homes. And remember, there are always a lot more animals at the Village than there are online!

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