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Forever Home Friday: Bella Update

Adoption Update: Heartworm positive Jenn was adopted from the Little Rock Animal Village a few months ago. Her name is now Bella, and her new family recently learned after having a DNA test done that she's a Beauceron, not a Rottweiler / Shepherd mix! Here's what they had to say: "She's a sweet loving dog and gets along with everyone. She's currently being treated for heart worms and loves her new home. She's also discovered a new love for football as well!" Bella's new family is totally in love with her, and the feeling is mutual.

Being heartworm positive, Bella was very lucky to be adopted by a family who could afford to treat her. Heartworms are a major deterrent to adoption because the adopter must provide the treatment, and it can be VERY expensive. That's why we've created a Heartworm fund. This fund will be used to help families pay for heartworm treatment if they adopt a heartworm positive dog from the Animal Village and need assistance paying for the treatment. Heartworms are very prevalent in the south, so animals that have been lost for a long time or whose owners didn't have them on a heartworm preventative are extremely vulnerable. There are many heartworm positive dogs at the Village right now. Help us prevent that from being a deterrent to adoption by donating today to the FAV heartworm fund. Help us help Little Rock animals.

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