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Rescue Waggin' #2,000

Today is a big day!! The Little Rock Animal Village is sending it’s 2,000th dog on the Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ today.

LRAV has only been a part of the Rescue Waggin’ Program since 2011, so to be hitting the 2,000 mark already is a pretty big deal! That’s 2,000 adorable pups saved and living in wonderful forever homes. Meet Rescue Waggin’ pup #2,000.

The PetSmart CharitiesTM Rescue Waggin’® program picks up selected dogs and puppies from partner shelters in areas where there are more dogs and puppies than can be placed through adoption, like at the Little Rock Animal Village. Then they transport them to places where they get adopted, often within days. To learn more check out the Tales from the Road video series, produced by actor Josh Duhamel and featuring stars like Kristen Bell.

The Animal Village only receives a small fee per dog that goes on the Rescue Waggin, a fee smaller than the already low standard adoption fee. So even for animals in perfect health, they lose money because of the cost of vaccinating, sterilizing, feeding, and otherwise caring for each animal. The Rescue Waggin’ is a major expense for the Animal Village, which is why they need donations to help cover the costs. You can donate here today.

Fosters are always needed for 3-5 days before animals scheduled to go on the Rescue Waggin’ depart on their journey. This gets them out of the shelter to make room for the new animals coming in every day, and also helps ensure that they stay in perfect health before they make the trip. Fostering a Rescue Waggin’ pup is a guaranteed short-term commitment, and because the Waggin’ usually picks up the pups on a Monday, it’s usually over a weekend. If you’re interested in fostering an adorable pup for a weekend, click here.

Check out the pictures below of some of the pups from the Animal Village who have taken a trip on the Rescue Waggin’.

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