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Forever Home Friday!

Today we have a special Rescue Waggin edition of Forever Home Friday. Last week we received an e-mail from someone who adopted a dog in Wisconsin who was originally from the Little Rock Animal Village, a dog who had taken a ride on the PetSmart Charities' Rescue Waggin' a few weeks ago. They were curious about his backstory - where he came from, what his story was, etc. They shared with us what the dog formerly known as Clayton's life was like now, and how they almost didn't end up together! We're glad they sounds like they truly were meant to find each other. From Clayton's new dad:

A little over a week ago our family adopted a Shepherd puppy from the Wisconsin Humane society. After adopting him I noticed that he was originally from your shelter. His name was Clayton when we adopted him but are now calling him Jaxx. He is a great dog and a perfect addition to our family. We saw him on the Wisconsin Humane Society's website and the day before we were going to go meet him, he was off the website meaning he was adopted. Needless to say we were disappointed. The following day I happened to see that he was back on the website! We later found out he was adopted by someone in an apartment who then found they couldn't have a dog so they had to bring him back. Later that day we met him and fell in love. He ended up home with us the next day. I feel like he was definitely meant to be a part of our family. He is a great puppy and loves his new sister Jozy. We have three boys (ages eleven, nine, and six) so between all of them there is a lot of fun being had. We are so excited to have him as a part of our family.

We're excited for the whole family that they wound up together. It's nothing but the good life for this Animal Village alum from now on. Thank you for adopting, Matt! Did your furbaby come from the Little Rock Animal Village? We want to hear your adoption story! Send us an email with some pictures and you may see your story featured on our blog. You can email us at:

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