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One Dog Defies the Odds

This dog is the perfect example of how your donations save lives. This is Wolfman Jack's story...

One Saturday in early January, Little Rock Animal Services received a call about an injured dog...a dog who the caller believed may have been shot. An officer was dispatched, and when they got there they were greeted by a very friendly black and white dog whose tail was wagging, in spite of the obvious wound on his chest. The officer scooped him up immediately and brought him to the Little Rock Animal Village. Normally his day off, the Animal Village veterinarian, Dr. Brian, rushed to the Animal Village to try to help the sweet dog. After several hours of surgery, he wasn't out of the woods yet, but his prognosis was cautiously optimistic.

The dog had indeed been shot. The bullet that Dr. Brian dug out of his chest was a large caliber hollow point. Hollow points are sometimes referred to as “cop killers,” because they’re capable of piercing body armor (aka bulletproof vests). They are devastating, and deadly.

Three weeks later, defying all the odds, "Wolfman Jack" as he was now known stood in front of a crowd of astonished animal rescuers at LRAV's first Rescue Summit, still wagging his tail, with only a rectangular patch of short hair and a small scar on his chest to indicate that he'd ever been injured. Wolfman survived, and once his hair grows back completely, you’ll likely never know he’d ever been shot. Wolfman is unbelievably sweet and remarkably well-adjusted considering the trauma he’s been through. He is a testament to the resiliency and forgiving nature of dogs. He’s an outgoing guy, and he made sure to make friends with everyone who would let him at that rescue meeting, and he continues to make friends with everyone he interacts with at the Animal Village. Wolfman is a survivor, and now he just needs a forever home with a family who will love him as much as he’ll love them. For information about Wolfman Jack and how to adopt him, contact the Animal Village, open Tues-Sat 8-5, or go by and see him.

For anyone to survive a close-range shot to the chest with a hollow point bullet is part miracle, and part credit to the skills of the surgeon who treated them. Dr. Brian undoubtedly saved Wolfman’s life, but it took a lot of equipment and supplies to do it. Your donations helped pay for that. Without those lifesaving tools on hand, all the skill in the world couldn’t have saved him. Please consider donating today to help us continue to help animals like Wolfman Jack.

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