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Peanut still needs a home!

Peanut does great in the car.

Say hello to Peanut, our adoptable Dog of the Week! Peanut is a very special dog. If you've looked at the adoptable dogs on our website at all over the past year, you've seen his face. He came to the Little Rock Animal Village in December of 2014. Yes, more than a year ago, and he's been waiting for a forever home for all that time! He hasn't been waiting at the Village, though. He's been living the good life with one of our own board members.

This is his story...

Deep in thought...about his next meal.

When Peanut was surrendered to the Animal Village over a year ago, he had a leg injury from being hit by a car months before. He needed surgery, so we got that arranged for him and one of our own board members agreed to foster him while he healed and until we could find a forever home for him. Peanut's leg is 100% now, but a forever home has remained elusive.

He's been on THV twice, attended events with Friends of the Animal Village like Harvest Fest and Little Rocktoberfest, spent Saturdays at the Village and Sundays at the dog park...all in hopes of finding a forever home for him. Everyone who meets him falls in love immediately (he has quite the fan club), but so far we've had no luck getting him adopted. This is such a mystery to us! Help us find a forever home for Peanut by sharing this.

What's My Mutt is an iphone app developed by a Little Rock veterinarian!

Peanut is about 3 years old, and we think his results from the What's My Mutt? app are pretty spot on. He is a golden retriever/lab mix, which means he's not only gorgeous but also goofy, playful, and very smart. This kid is always smiling, which makes him very photogenic! Peanut is also super sweet, and incredibly soft, which makes for great cuddling. He's also great with other dogs. He lives with a foster brother named Cricket who is also in need of a forever home and a girlfriend named Ollie, and they love to play together. Peanut has never met a dog he didn't like, or a human for that matter. He's everyone's best friend, but he would love to find a forever best friend to call his own. His foster mom loves him dearly but there are other dogs at the Animal Village who need foster homes, and puppy season is coming soon. Help us find a forever home for Peanut by sharing this with your Facebook friends, your family, your coworkers, your neighbors...the whole world!

For more info about Peanut, or to set up a time to meet him, call 470-222-3879 or email us at

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