Small Hands—Big Heart: Casey's Story

Casey's Story_Friends of the Animal Village

A few months ago on one of those cold winter mornings, I received an e-mail that instantly warmed my heart and has quickly become one of my all-time favorites! The message was from, I soon learned, an extraordinary little girl with a true passion for animals. Her name was Casey Chandler, and she informed me that she was seven years old, had adopted two cats from the Little Rock Animal Village—Copper and Heart—and that she absolutely loves animals.

Casey went on to tell me that she had already donated $100 of her own money to the Village to help the animals there, and that she not only had plans to raise additional funds by hosting a Hot Cocoa Stand, but that she was also going to design and sell a t-shirt for Valentine’s Day with the assistance of her Aunt Julie who owns a t-shirt shop. The shirt, she said, would have a big heart with paw prints going across the front, and it would say, “pets make paw prints on your heart” written out by Casey herself. Needless to say, I immediately put in an order for two based on cuteness alone.